The Beginning

In The Visionary Leadership Of Our Founding Mother, Manisha Arora, Levanza was founded in 2017.
Levanza Has Defined Itself As One Of The Leading Manufacturers Of Quality Herbal Medicines Within Its First 6 Years Of Existence.


It's courage we most associate with. At Levanza, we embrace challenges & drive an ethically driven business that can benefit all. By combining ancient wisdom with modern technology, we believe in the goodness of nature.

Constant Learning

In order to stay up-to-date with advancements in our field, our teams regularly visit Kerala, the hub of Ayurveda, which is why we consider our company more of a learning center than a manufacturing facility.

Promising Quality

Because we understand that a medicine is purchased with hope, we are always mindful of producing the best products.

Displaying Unity

Whether we succeed or fail, we must do it together. There is a special place at Le-vanza for those who think unconventionally, challenge status quo, and experiment.

Our Certifications

ISO 9001:2015
GMP Approved

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR At Levanza Is Mainly Focused On Providing Basic Healthcare Products And Services To The Global Community. Additionally, a focus is placed on expanding access to new healthcare systems and adhering to business ethics.

Transparency & FairPlay

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