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Path-Har Kidney Stone Syrup Ayurvedic Kit | Crusher | Healthy Urinary Function | 200ml + Capsule Free

Path-Har Kidney Stone Syrup Ayurvedic Kit | Crusher | Healthy Urinary Function | 200ml + Capsule Free

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Researchers have concluded that about one in ten people will get a kidney stone during their lifetime. Kidney stones in children are far less common than in adults.


  1. CALCIUM STONES – These are the most common. They are often made of calcium oxalate. Certain fruits and vegetables, nuts & chocolate have high oxalate content.
  2. URIC ACID STONES – These are the second most common. They can occur in people with gout, diabetes, obesity and other types of metabolic syndrome.
  3. STRUVITE STONES – These are formed mostly in people with urinary tract infections. These stones can be large and cause urinary obstruction.
  4. CYSTINE – These stones form in people with a hereditary disorder called cystinuria.


Possible causes include drinking too little water, exercise(too much or too little), obesity, weight loss surgery or eating food with too much salt or sugar. Infections and family history might be important in some people. Eating too much fructose correlates with increasing risk of developing a kidney stone.


A kidney stone usually will not cause symptoms until it moves around within the kidney or passes into one of the ureters. If a kidney stone becomes lodged in the ureter, it may block the flow of urine and cause the kidney to swell and the ureter to spasm, which can be very painful. At that point, you may experience these symptoms:

  • Severe, sharp pain in the side and back, below the ribs
  • Pain that radiates to the lower abdomen and groin
  • Pain that comes in waves and fluctuates in intensity

Other, signs and symptoms may include:

  • Pink, red or brown urine
  • Cloudy or foul smelling urine
  • A persistent need to urinate
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Fever and chills 


PATH – HAR is an ayurvedic combo pack consisting of a syrup and capsules for the management of kidney stones and associated symptoms. Path –har is a 100% herbal blend of scientifically proven herbs useful in the treatment of renal stone and other symptoms associated with stones such as pain, discomfort, difficulty in passing urine etc. This formulation increases the flow of urine and helps in dissolution and easy expulsion of kidney stone from the urinary tract. It also helps to stop formation of new stones by clearing out the kidneys. It is also helpful in urinary tract infections due to its anti-bacterial properties. 


VARUN CHHAL                     600MG

APAMARG                             600MG

DHANIYA                               500MG

GOKHRU                                500MG

PUNARNAVA                         100MG

KUTKI                                       50MG

CHOTI ELAICHI                       80MG

SENDHA NAMAK                    5MG




CHOTI ELAICHI                   20MG

APAMARG                           50MG

VARUN CHHAL                   20MG

KUTKI                                   40MG

GOKHRU                             40MG

PUNARNAVA                      20MG

SENDHA NAMAK               50MG

DHANIYA                             40MG

YAVAKSHARA                     70MG


  • Kasni
  • Guduchi
  • Mulethi
  • Vaividang
  • Bhringraj
  • Sharpunka
  • Arjuna
  • Chirayata
  • Makoi
  • Bhumi Amla
  • Daruharidra
  • Punernava
  • Amla
  • Chitrak MoolTrikatu
  • Van Champak
  • Dashmoola
  • Draksha
  • Bael
  • Amaltas
  • Mastic Gum
  • Punch Neemba
  • Akandi
  • Navsar
  • Kant Kari
  • Triphala
  • Amalvatum
  • Kutki


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How Path-Har Helps


  • Helpful in treatment of renal stone
  • Manages pain and discomfort associated with renal stone
  • Facilitates easy passage of urine
  • Helps in easy expulsion of stone from urinary tract
  • Improve kidney function
  • Prevents re-occurance of stone
  • Helpful in retention of urine
  • Helpful in urinary tract infections

How To Use


  • SYRUP – 2 teaspoonful 2-3 times a day with water
  • CAPSULE – 2 capsules to be taken empty stomach in morning with a glass of lime water
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Five elements of ayurveda


Ayurveda states that our bodies are composed of five basic elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Sky. In comabination, these elements form three types of energy, referred to as Tridoshas - Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha.

An individual's Prakruti, or constitution, determines their health, well-being, and vulnerability to disease, according to Ayurveda. Tridoshas dictate this constitution. Many health problems occur in our bodies as a result of our daily routine, eating habits, sleeping habits, and mindset. As a result of an unhealthy lifestyle, the Doshas become imbalanced, which further results in diseases.

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Which types of problems can this product be used for?

Hepaza-6is a multipurpose syrup that can be useful in Liver Problems such as Fatty Liver (Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic), Hepatitis, Cholesterol Imbalance, Digestive Problems, Acidity, Liver Damage, etc. These problems can occur when signs of Loss of Appetite, Indigestion, Constipation, Nausea, Vomiting, Jaundice, Stomach bloating & pain are experienced.Hepaza-6is made up of 26 Herbs that combine to Improve Liver functions & help in the protection and detoxification of the Liver.

Does it protect the liver of a daily alcohol consumer?

Yes, Herbs used in Hepaza-6 help in removing the toxicity of Alcohol from the body

Will this also work in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver?

Yes, it helps in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver as well as it contains herbs that improve fat break down

Is there a Course? When will I start Seeing the Results?

We recommend a course of 3 months for long term and sustainable Results. Time of results vary from person to person but 1 month is generally enough to notice the results.

Is this product approved by Ayurvedic Department?

Yes, This formulation has been approved by the Department of Ayurveda, Punjab

Has it been tested for Heavy Metals?

Yes, Each Batch gets tested for Heavy Metals by a third-party Laboratory. It is free from Heavy Metals.

Do I need a Doctor’s Prescription to use this?

No, it is an Ayurvedic Formulation that can be used without a Doctor’s Prescription